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Immediately upon completion of your order, look for a follow up confirmation in your email. If at any time you have questions or wish to speak with Gayle, just call 770-715-7069 for assistance.

In addition, all investment spent in pursuit of a new job are tax deductible, so be sure to keep your receipt for your tax records.

Entry/1-Page Resume $199.00
One (1) page resume with less than 5 years employment history.

Mid Level Professional $299.00
4 to 10 years experience and moving forward in greater levels of career experience and challenges.

Senior Level Professional $399.00
Experienced professional with more than 10 years experience with income of more than $50K annually. This resume showcases your leadership and career accomplishments and moves you forward in pursuit of greater career advancement objectives.

Executive $499.00
For candidates with salaries greater than $100K, created to showcase your leadership, business intelligence, and sets you apart in a highly competitive job search environment.

Federal/Military Conversion $399.00
A professional resume created to convert your military career/history into business language. Federal Resumes will include all necessary key skills and abilities (KSA's) to assist you in landing that coveted government job.

CV (Curriculum Vitae) $499.00
A professional with an advanced degree, Masters or PhD needing a CV that includes a summary of your educational and academic background, teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details to showcase your professional growth.

Edit to Existing TruMark Resume $79.00
For former TruMark Resume Clients needing minor changes to their existing resume or other TruMark created documents.  If you purchased your resume more than 6 months ago and need minor edits, choose this product.

Cover Letter $75.00
Customized cover letter that will get you noticed!

Thank You Letter $50.00
A critical job search tool that will provide an additional opportunity to showcase your experience and communicate your professionalism.

LinkedIn Profiles $399.00

A presence on the web is critical in your career advancement and job search development. Companies utilize LinkedIn to research and find prime candidates! This venue will make a great first impression within the global network with a professionally written profile posting.

Interview Workshop $129.00
A one hour workshop, going over the interview process and behavioral based common questions asked that will prepare you for that all important face-to-face interview.

24-hour Turnaround Service $100.00
If you are in a hurry and need your documents within 24 hours.

Direct Post to LinkedIn $99.00
Post information directly to LinkedIn

Federal Resumes $499.00
Federal Resume that includes all formatting and information needed for applications for all Federal Positions.

HIRED, the Ultimate Job Search Course! $427.00
New 7-module, self-paced online job search course that is unmatched in the marketplace for its rigor, effectiveness, and comprehensiveness! HIRED! takes you through a step-by-step protocol for surpassing your competition to land a job faster! It's similar to a graduate course in job search that can help shave months off your job search, for just a few hundred dollars!

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